So at a recent family get together, Sienna got her hands on a basketball (her favorite toy), and we discovered her playing “catch” with one of her cousins who is about 6 months older than her. Except that in Sienna’s mind, playing catch is really just whipping a ball (or a remote, or a cell phone, or a shoe) as hard as she can. At someone’s face.

To say she has no concept of the term “gentle” is as obvious as saying Jared has no concept of the term “please don’t eat that entire can of beans right now because I can’t handle the house smelling like the festering dumpster behind a chinese buffet restaurant on a 105-degree day. seriously.”

So after letting their game of catch go back and forth a few times, I started to feel bad because Sienna would chuck that ball as hard as she could, hitting her cousin in the face, sending her cousin’s nookie flying out of her mouth and almost knocking her over. But her cousin seemed to be having fun, and after retrieving her nookie off the floor and putting it back in her mouth, she would go find the ball, pick it up, and hand it back to Sienna for more abuse catch.

 The other parents thought it was funny, but after a few minutes I asked Jared if we should intervene before someone’s face starts to bruise. He said probably, and re-directed the girls toward another toy. So once they were settled in with some stuffed animals and pretend money, I asked him if we should be concerned that our ruthless daughter has no concept of “playing nice” or being “gentle.”

His response?

“She’s a farm girl, what did you expect?”

And I suppose he is right…


Once a climber…

August 18, 2011

…always a climber!

Here is Sienna at 7-months-old, climbing around on her Jeep as if she were trying to warn us that from that point on, we would not be sitting againuntil she is 5. Because as soon as I sit down, she is out the door (oh yeah, it’s really exciting when they figure out how to open and close doors!), climbing on the lawnmower.

But we were foolish back then, assuming our 7-month-old wasn’t all that intelligent or capable yet, and we actually tried using her jeep as a baby gate to contain her in one room. But she figured out real quick that if she climbed up and over it, she could escape. Sneaky, devious baby. 

And here she is lately, climbing onto anything and everything. Because she likes jumping off. Head first. Onto her face. FUN TIMES!

On the couch:

On the furniture:

On the stairs:

On the window:

If only she were as ambitious about getting a good night’s sleep as she is about getting into mischief!

Get ear muffs!

We are just a couple weeks from hunting season and ya know what that means! Practice, practice, practice! And since hunting is FAR from just a guy thing in our family, I’m not about to be left behind. So poor Sienna gets forced into a huge pair of ear muffs so that she can tag along. After all, the family that shoots together, stays together. Or something like that.

Here we are shooting trap out behind our house.

 And here we are at Milford Hills, doing a quick round on the clay course. We took my dad, uncle, and cousin with us last weekend and I’ll have a whole seperate post on those shenanigans coming shortly!  Sienna was upgraded to a cute pair of hot pink ear muffs and, shockingly, she acted like she didn’t even know they were on her head the entire time we were out there. 

I will never understand how the kid who wont sit still for longer than 3 seconds somehow morphs into a perfectly well-behaved child as soon as those muffs go on her head. She sits still, she’s quiet, and she contently watches everything going on around her. And after coming out shooting with us several times, she has never once objected to the ear muffs on her head, or tried to rip them off.  She behaves so great when she’s out watching us that I’m starting to consider just making her wear them all day long.

But something tells me she won’t be as cooperative when her dad, guns, and flying red objects aren’t involved.

dropping hints

August 15, 2011

Every morning after she wakes up and I bring her downstairs, Sienna makes a bee-line for the first pair of shoes she can lay her sticky hands on, pokes her feet inside them, and clomps around the house, occasionally banging on the front door as hard as she can.

If she could talk, I think she would say, “I’ve already been awake for 14.8 seconds, why aren’t we outside yet MOM!”

Well for starters, it’s 6:30 in the morning, your diaper weighs approximately 9 pounds, and my eyes are still half shut.

What on earth would I do without this funny little fireball of energy?  The one who wakes up by 6 every morning and does. not. stop. moving. until 1 p.m. when she finally passes out. But her nap only lasts for about an hour (maybe two if I’m extremely lucky), because I think she was born with an alarm in her brain that starts blaring in her head after 60 minutes of inactivity. Because that’s 60 precious minutes that she could’ve used to pull every single item out of every single cupboard or find a way to climb onto the highest part of the couch and then jump off. Over and over again. Or rip the petals off all the flowers outside. So after she wakes up from her brief nap, she is banging on the door again, ready to go play outside and throw fistfulls of gravel into the grass and all kinds of mischief. 

 And then usually around 10 at night she has exhausted herself to the point where sometimes she literally falls over asleep on the floor.

So what would I do without her? I guess maybe sit down for more than 3 seconds at a time.

time flies…

July 20, 2011

Here’s Sienna last July, a sassy little 3-month-old, loving life at the lake…

And here she is living it up again this summer, still just as sassy…

Here she is last summer swimming with her mama…

And again this year, a feisty little fish who can’t be trusted within 7 miles of water without a life jacket…

Driving the boat with her dad last summer…

And still bossing him around this summer.

I wish summer would last forever.