When we finally went in to warm up, it suddenly hit me that I was couldn’t avoid ‘fessing up any longer. I had to give him his winter clothes back…his pee-soaked winter clothes…and how on earth would he react when this 22-year-old girl said something along the lines of “so, um, I hope you don’t mind but I peed your pants!” I could only imagine that this would be the first and last time I’d ever be invited over to Rowdy Husband’s house. Oh well, at least I had a few hours of fun!

But Thank God there truly is someone for everyone…even a freak who can’t hold it on a first date… Because after I nervously dug through my jumbo-sized garbage bag to find a change of clothes, I sheepishly walked into Rowdy Husband’s living room and the following conversation is one I’ll never forget as long as I live…

Me: So, I have a confession to make…

RH: OK…?

Me: Well, I might have peed on you a little bit when we were 4wheeling.

awkward pause that felt like 7,534 years….

RH: When?

Me: When we were chasing Doug and Sarah throwing snowballs at them.

another long pause

RH: Well, it doesn’t gross me out that you peed on yourself. But the funny part is you stayed outside for at least another hour in your dirty pee pants!

RH’s hysterical laughing

phew. he thought it was funny! i was off the hook! the guy thinks I’m funny! And as we were packing up all of our clothes into my sad little garbage bag, RH asked for my phone number…And I’ll never forget the last thing he said to me before we left his house that day. He said, “Well I can honestly say nobody has ever peed on me before! I don’t think I’ll ever forget you after that.”

YES! Mission accomplished…impression made!

When we were about 2 minutes down the road, I got a the first of many text messages RH would send to me. And without even knowing the journey we were about to begin, he pretty much summed up our entire relationship in one phrase:

“Don’t feel bad about the whole pee thing. Besides, you aren’t having fun unless you lose control of your bodily functions.”


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