Pee on the guy. No seriously, on the first day we actually hung out, just 3 days after first meeting this really good looking guy at the gym, I peed on him. Like peed all over him…

Remember how I said I wanted to make an impression? Well I decided to show Rowdy Husband how care-free and fun-loving I was (read: actually I have no control over my bodily functions when I’m nervous) by jumping right on the back of his 4wheeler, hanging on for dear life, and letting him whip me around in circles on a sheet of ice over and over.

Turns out we were having so much fun, and I was laughing so hard, that suddenly I started peeing…on myself…on him…on his 4wheeler…in his winter clothes…

And what does one do after she pees on a guy she just met and really likes?

She definitely doesn’t sacrifice the opportunity to hold on to his nice, firm chest muscles by confessing, going into his house and changing. She stays outside havin fun and decides to figure out how to confess to him later….

Poor guy had no clue I was just minutes away from “marking my territory”…

But a girl like myself doesn’t let a little pee get in the way of fun (AND DID I MENTION THE CHEST?!?). We stayed out and 4wheeled for about 2 hours that day…the day I realized my life as I knew it was over…




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