….There was a 22-year-old girl and a 28-year-old guy who had no clue the other existed. She worked at a gym. He lived nearby. He came into the gym one night to start a membership. She saw him, began sweating profusely, and gave him a ridiculously good discount on his membership.

Luckily, they had a mutual friend who invited her to go 4wheeling with them that weekend. She immediately said she’d go and began thinking about what on earth one would wear when going 4wheeling in January…in Wisconsin…with a really hot guy who she had just met.

Naturally, she decided to pack an entire garbage bag full of various clothing options (at least she brought classy luggage) and, armed with her best friend, trudged out to hickville to try her best to make an impression on this new guy with good looks, and a 4wheeler (really the only 2 things she knew about him at that point).

She was successful in making an impression–even if it meant totally humiliating herself….


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