Here’s what our closet looked like 2 days ago:

Filled with all of rowdy husband’s paintball gear, guns, masks, paintballs, and other random stuff.

Here’s how it looked 3 hours later: ripped out, cleaned out, and ready for some new walls and paint and floors 🙂

Here’s where he moved all of his paintball stuff:

A brand new, and I think very sexy, closet covered in felt and stocked up.

And here’s what happens when you do entirely too much sanding, drywalling, and flooring all in just 2 days…

But my crazy guy got it all done in just a couple days and look at this beautiful new office space complete with new paint, a countertop, and new floors! She’s  just begging for some new, cute decorations to snaz things up 🙂

Phew…that was exhausting.

Oops! How did this picture sneak in here? 

That, my friends, is construction ground zero.

Please ignore the fantastically ugly blue carpeting.

Also note, it’s great that my weight room is being put to such good use!!


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