Jared and Meghann met in 2008 and quickly discovered they shared a love of adventure, speed, adrenaline, and the outdoors. Jared swept her off her feet with just one wheelie ride on a 4-wheeler, and the next year they were married. Not long after came the birth of their one-year-old daughter. Since the day they met, their life together has been full throttle, and when they’re chasing after each other with paintball guns or on four-wheelers, or trying to throw each other off the tube behind their boat, these two give a whole new meaning to the term “date night.” 

Jared has been hunting his whole life, but the addiction began for Meg when a couple weeks after they met, Jared gave her her first shotgun on Valentine’s Day (not exactly flowers and chocolate!). Since then, Jared and Meg have hunted everything from Wisconsin Whitetails to trophy greenheads. 

For some people, hunting involves food plots, guides, or bait piles, but not everyone has access to that kind of hunting. For Jared and Meghann, hunting begins in the off-season, scouting public hunting land, marshes, and waterways, and venturing off the beaten trail in search of the places most hunters are unwilling to go. 

Everywhere we hunt, you can too–if you are up for the challenge of getting there. 

But Jared and Meghann like a challenge and in fact, the thrill of the chase is just as rewarding as the outcome of the hunt. So if you are up for a little adventure, join us as we show you our Wylde Life.

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