Signs of good times to come!

August 31, 2011

Can you guess what starts tomorrow??? I’ll give you a hint and the hint is GOOSE HUNTING!!

Jared took the next few days off and  I would be under-exaggerating if I said he has only talked about goose domination a billion times in the last couple days. Because it’s probably more like a kazillion. In the last hour.

Tomorrow we’ll be using a new ammo for the first time and I’ll let ya know how it works for us (FYI the ammo-makers have no clue who we are, or why I’m talkin’ about their stuff. Just in case anyone was wonderin’)

We are also busting out an exclusive Wylde Life invention that should prove very handy this season. We’ll have more on that later, and I apologize if the suspense keeps any of you up at night. 

OK well wish us luck and make sure to stop back for play-by-plays of all the exciting action! Good luck to everyone else hitting the water and fields in the next few days, and cheers to eating lots of delicious goose this weekend!


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