I’m sure he meant it as a compliment…

August 22, 2011

So at a recent family get together, Sienna got her hands on a basketball (her favorite toy), and we discovered her playing “catch” with one of her cousins who is about 6 months older than her. Except that in Sienna’s mind, playing catch is really just whipping a ball (or a remote, or a cell phone, or a shoe) as hard as she can. At someone’s face.

To say she has no concept of the term “gentle” is as obvious as saying Jared has no concept of the term “please don’t eat that entire can of beans right now because I can’t handle the house smelling like the festering dumpster behind a chinese buffet restaurant on a 105-degree day. seriously.”

So after letting their game of catch go back and forth a few times, I started to feel bad because Sienna would chuck that ball as hard as she could, hitting her cousin in the face, sending her cousin’s nookie flying out of her mouth and almost knocking her over. But her cousin seemed to be having fun, and after retrieving her nookie off the floor and putting it back in her mouth, she would go find the ball, pick it up, and hand it back to Sienna for more abuse catch.

 The other parents thought it was funny, but after a few minutes I asked Jared if we should intervene before someone’s face starts to bruise. He said probably, and re-directed the girls toward another toy. So once they were settled in with some stuffed animals and pretend money, I asked him if we should be concerned that our ruthless daughter has no concept of “playing nice” or being “gentle.”

His response?

“She’s a farm girl, what did you expect?”

And I suppose he is right…


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