Once a climber…

August 18, 2011

…always a climber!

Here is Sienna at 7-months-old, climbing around on her Jeep as if she were trying to warn us that from that point on, we would not be sitting againuntil she is 5. Because as soon as I sit down, she is out the door (oh yeah, it’s really exciting when they figure out how to open and close doors!), climbing on the lawnmower.

But we were foolish back then, assuming our 7-month-old wasn’t all that intelligent or capable yet, and we actually tried using her jeep as a baby gate to contain her in one room. But she figured out real quick that if she climbed up and over it, she could escape. Sneaky, devious baby. 

And here she is lately, climbing onto anything and everything. Because she likes jumping off. Head first. Onto her face. FUN TIMES!

On the couch:

On the furniture:

On the stairs:

On the window:

If only she were as ambitious about getting a good night’s sleep as she is about getting into mischief!


One Response to “Once a climber…”

  1. Cindy said

    These are adorable:) Love Love Princess SWR and all her energy..She is a Wylde one!

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