When you can’t get a babysitter…

August 17, 2011

Get ear muffs!

We are just a couple weeks from hunting season and ya know what that means! Practice, practice, practice! And since hunting is FAR from just a guy thing in our family, I’m not about to be left behind. So poor Sienna gets forced into a huge pair of ear muffs so that she can tag along. After all, the family that shoots together, stays together. Or something like that.

Here we are shooting trap out behind our house.

 And here we are at Milford Hills, doing a quick round on the clay course. We took my dad, uncle, and cousin with us last weekend and I’ll have a whole seperate post on those shenanigans coming shortly!  Sienna was upgraded to a cute pair of hot pink ear muffs and, shockingly, she acted like she didn’t even know they were on her head the entire time we were out there. 

I will never understand how the kid who wont sit still for longer than 3 seconds somehow morphs into a perfectly well-behaved child as soon as those muffs go on her head. She sits still, she’s quiet, and she contently watches everything going on around her. And after coming out shooting with us several times, she has never once objected to the ear muffs on her head, or tried to rip them off.  She behaves so great when she’s out watching us that I’m starting to consider just making her wear them all day long.

But something tells me she won’t be as cooperative when her dad, guns, and flying red objects aren’t involved.


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