taking a deep (sawdust-free) breath

July 12, 2011

So for the past week I have been up to my elbows in saw dust, wood stain, screws, and power tools. And more saw dust.  With multiple trips to the hardware store, and a few fun date nights thrown in, plus one awesome, hot afternoon tubing and wakeboarding on the lake. 

See, for the past few days Jared has been OBSESSED with building a 150-gallon fish aquarium AND a 150-pound stand on which to display it. How obsessed? Well. When we finally moved everything into the house, filled the tank with water, and decorated it, he literally sat and stared at it for more than 20 minutes. Mesmerized. Infatuated. Captivated. I actually pinched him once to make sure he wasn’t in a coma, and then physically pulled him out of the chair and forced him into the car so we (I)  could get out of the house. 

But, as obsessed as he can get about a project, he is 30 times as talented. Because the guy does in less than a day what I imagine the average person wouldn’t even attempt (and I very much include myself in the “average” category). But when we priced things out and looked at aquarium stands large enough for our tank, it was pretty obvious that stands that big are as ridiculously expensive (anywhere from $1,200 to $2,500) as they are ugly and cheap-looking.  So Jared’s philosophy is why pay that much for something that you can build even better yourself, at a much lower cost? And so, we built everything ourselves…

OK, so here he is making sure the tank would hold water because the first thing he had to do was replace one of the panes of glass. He also TIG welded the frame on top because the original one was broken.

Now that we determined it would hold water (and a 210-pound fish if necessary), it was time to build the stand. 

He asked me to come in the garage and help, which I figured meant sit there and keep him company, keep a supply of beverages and snacks handy, and you know, “help.” Um, I was wrong…

So with me on board measuring and cutting duty, and Jared on screwing and drilling duty, the frame came together pretty quick!

 OK now it’s ready for some trim!

Stand back, she’s got her hands on the power tools again! 

So here it is, all put together and ready for stain!

Raise your hand if you like the smell of stain and/or wet paint? Gasoline fumes? Permanent markers?

 So while the stain dried, we had to go down in the basement and reinforce the floors. Because a 150-gallon fish tank is ridiculously heavy. And it wouldn’t look right if it busted through the floor and shattered into a billion pieces, filling up the basement with gallons and gallons of water and fish. 

 Alright, now it’s time to get everything in the house and put together….and Ta-Da!

We went out and got a couple fish and BONUS I haven’t killed them yet! We got two oscars–a white one named Michael Jackson or Whitey for short, and a black one named Snoop Dogg or Blackie for short. They are kind of aggressive, which is awesome, because next week we are getting a bunch of pirhannas. 

So at least when Jared spends hours just staring at his tank, he actually has something to look at!


5 Responses to “taking a deep (sawdust-free) breath”

  1. hannah said

    awww our photo shoot red wall! tell jared i’m impressed

    • Meg R. said

      lol our red wall is shrinking now that that huge thing is there! i guess we’ll have to find another place to take our pics next time you come visit! by the way–when are u coming to visit?? lol!

  2. Cindy said

    You Stud and Studette…!

  3. katie said

    wow, you both did an amazing job it looks great!!!

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