keeping the tradition alive

July 12, 2011

We spent the whole day on Saturday boating with Sarah and Dan and it was the perfect day at the lake!

Boating on the 4th of July, a.k.a. Boat Fest has been something all of us cousins started doing back in 2006 before any of us were married or had “real” jobs. 

The tradition has changed over the years–some years we camped out, eventually our “significant others” started joining in, some years we had to pick different weekends–but one thing has always stayed the same: It is always one of the best weekends of the summer. Oh and there’s always an obnoxious amount of inside jokes. Oh and the sunburn, someone (usually Sarah) always gets fried. OK so I guess a few things have stayed the same!

Now that we’re all getting married off, it’s harder for people to get together. But I am proud to say that I think Sarah and I will always drag our husbands to the lake to keep the tradition alive no matter what. After all, we have to pass something on to the next generation, and what better than a weird love of jamming as many people onto a tube as possible and repeatedly flying through the air at 30 miles per hour and suffering for 3 days in horrible pain afterwards? I hope this tradition will become a highlight in our kids’ lives, as much as it’s been in ours.

So far, we’re off to a great start!


One Response to “keeping the tradition alive”

  1. Cindy said

    The Tradition is alive and well..way to go M, S and Jenny too!

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