10 reasons I like hunting with my husband–and why you just might like hunting too!

June 8, 2011

So this morning I asked Jared, “Why do you like hunting with your wife?” His answer was short and sweet, just three words: “Because it’s fun.” Plain and simple and straight to the point, just like he is.

Well, because I am a woman (I think…well I know I’m a woman, but I think the fact that I’m a woman explains the rest of this sentence), I am going to embellish a little on why I like hunting with my husband, and why I’d encourage any woman to try hunting with her man. (warning: it’s more than 3 words…)

Top 10 Reasons I Like Hunting With My Husband

(in no particular order because my mind is much better at wandering than ordering…)

1. He wants me to. For a lot of guys, hunting (or any other hobby for that matter) is something they do to get away from their wives. Even my own husband has said he had no interest in bringing past girlfriends along hunting because it was his hobby, his alone time, his chance to have fun. Ouch! It’s kind of sad when you have to get away from your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse in order to have any fun. Shouldn’t that person be the one you have the most fun with? Of course alone time is important, but nothing beats sharing your hobbies with the person you love. As much fun as Jared has going out hunting with the guys, I am pretty sure he doesn’t cheer and freak out and give them congratulatory spanks on the butt when they take down a nice drake mallard or a huge pheasant (although it wouldn’t surprise me knowing some of these guys…). But I know there’s nothing he’d rather do then spend time with me chasing after big birds or monster deer together, and then come home and tell everyone all about it. Which brings me to reason #2…

2. He brags about me to his friends. Come on, we all know that as women, it makes us feel good to know our husbands/boyfriends are proud of us. Nobody wants to know her man is out there complaining about her and what a buzz kill she is. Wouldn’t it be awesome to know your guy is bragging to all his friends or co-workers about the monster buck you shot, or the fun times you had out at the shooting range together, or the fact that you might have missed, but at least you looked hot doing it? Guys like a girl who can keep up with them–and what better way to hang with the boys then to hang a bigger buck than theirs on your wall? 

3. Exercise. Okay so this one is pretty self-explanatory. But have you ever tried carrying a 65-pound ground blind on your back while 5 months pregnant, 2 miles into the woods, while also carrying a folding chair in one hand and a bow in the other? Well if you want a way to sweat about 20 pounds off, I’d highly recommend it. And just think of the extra calories you could burn if you shoot a deer and then have to drag him back out with you. 

4. Quality time and memories. When Jared and I first met, he took me duck hunting and at the time I knew my eyes were horrible, but I hadn’t taken the time to go get glasses or contacts yet. So one warm fall afternoon we got the shotguns out and went out by the river to see if anything was flying. While the duck hunting was slow, just to our right was a huge tree full of doves (or so I was told…) So Jared whispered to me, “Go get some target practice and see if you can hit any doves.” I whispered back, “What doves?” Jared answered, “Right there. In the tree. Like 20 yards in front of you!” And I whispered, except maybe it was a bit louder than a whisper this time, “All I see are leaves!” And he said, “Umm, those aren’t leaves those are doves.”

“Well I can’t see that far.”

“Are you serious?”

“I seriously can’t see that far.”

“You don’t see those birds right in front of your face? Just sitting there. Right there. Like right in front of you. Those birds RIGHT THERE.” 

Needless to say, a week later I had glasses.

5. Challenge and Competition. When you hunt the way we do, nothing is ever easy. Sometimes you spend more time trying to GET to your hunting spot, than you spend actually sitting there hunting. Sometimes you sit in very uncomfortable places like the time I had to sit in 3 feet of water for 3 hours in the freezing rain, but darn it I shot a goose so it was worth it! Almost always you have to endure extreme temperatures that leave you either sweating your junk off or frostbitten from head to toe. And for a lot of people that doesn’t sound like fun, but trust me, when you see that deer walking your direction, the FURTHEST thing from your mind is the weather.  Hunting can be such a challenge, but there’s nothing out there quite as rewarding as enduring the hard work and then enjoying the trophy you walk away with (even if it’s just a great story to tell later!).

Whether we are hunting animals or each other, it seems like everything between us turns into some kind of competition, and for some odd reason, we like it that way. One time we were playing paintball out behind our house and somehow (because he is a freak of nature is the reason, actually…), Jared managed to sneak up and get about 15 feet behind me. But, because he is a lovely and thoughtful freak of nature, he gave me the opportunity to surrender. The only problem was, my brain apparently doesn’t think very fast…

Jared: “Surrender and I wont shoot you!”

Meghann: instantly whips around and fires 2 paintballs into Jared’s throat.

Meghann: “Oh my gosh I am so sorry! It was just my instinct to turn and shoot!”

Jared: “That’s the last time I’m ever nice to you.”

And one thing about Jared, he’s a man who keeps his promises…we haven’t once been on the same team since.


6. He likes teaching me everything he knows. Men are by nature problem-solvers, and when a person is trying to learn about hunting and shooting for the first time, there is plenty of opportunity for them to solve problems. Are your arrows always landing a little to the left? They’ll help you fix it. Can’t seem to connect with those come-from-behind clay pigeons? They’ll give you the pointers and encouragement you need.

And if you have the patience and willingness to learn, you better believe they’ll share with you everything they know, and be your biggest fan when you shoot your first duck or deer.

7. I get to see him doing something he loves. Watching Jared work his magic out in the field allows me to see aspects of him I wouldn’t always get to see if I stayed behind back at the house. He is always so pumped and ready to go on the drive to our hunting spot of the day, and his excitement for the whole sport of it is contagious. He loves everything about it, from the pre-season shooting practice, to buying all of his supplies, to paddling out to a new spot, to taking his first shot of the day. And by watching him, you just can’t help but feel excited and want to try it all too. 

8. Stress relief. When we are kayaking through a creek where there’s no other people for miles, or sitting in the woods waiting for the deer to come by, or sitting on the bank of a river with a bag of beef jerkey, a bottle of gatorade, and each other, it’s easy to just enjoy the moment, enjoy each other’s company, and think about how good the simple life really is.

9. It’s fun! Okay so I might be in the minority here, but I honestly get excited about going out in the woods or on the water and feeling the anticipation of not knowing how the day is going to go, whether or not I’m going to see anything, and if I’ll be able to make a killing shot. Every time we leave the house before dawn for a morning hunt, Jared asks me if I went to the bathroom. I always do. Yet once my gun is loaded and in my hands, and we’re just minutes away from shooting time, and the ducks are moving, I get so excited that I have to, well, quickly and strategically drop my waders for a quick “pre-hunt-pee!” Jared gets so annoyed and it never fails, he will always say, “I told you to go before we left! You better hurry so you don’t scare anything away!” But he keeps taking me back for more, so I don’t think my hunting rituals drive him too terribly crazy. 

Our number one goal when we got together was to always have fun, always keep laughing, and always stay too busy having fun so there’s no time for drama. So far we’ve managed to stick with that and a huge part of it is because we hunt together.


10. Adventure. Jared and I have done some crazy things together, especially in the name of hunting. But there’s something about sharing that thrill of the chase, surviving crazy situations like the time we went on a fishing trip and bears found our tent in the middle of the night; the adrenaline rush that just brings you closer together and well, for us it’s what marriage is all about–problem solving and having fun, working together and experiencing exciting moments together, and getting out to see all life has to offer, even if it gets a little scary. And I might be an adrenaline junky, but the promise of adventure and fun is what gets me out of bed before dawn because I know regardless of how the hunt turns out, I’m going to share it all with the one person I’d do anything with. 

Besides, if the hunting is slow, you can always find other ways to pass the time out in the woods…So if you ever find yourself hunting in our area, just remember one thing: If the ground blind’s a-rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’!


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