How does a redneck cool off in the summer?

June 7, 2011

First he gets down and dirty with his 4-wheeler and a huge mud hole.

And gets very, very stuck.

So he tries to dig himself out…


But 30 minutes and 17 gallons of sweat later, he realizes it’s more than a one-redneck job, and asks his wife to help.

Too bad the Renegade still doesn’t budge and all she ends up with is a dirty butt.

So finally he gives in and gets the truck.

Then he spends an hour washing 200 pounds of mud off the wheeler.

And finally takes a cold shower because all that work when it’s 95 degrees out didn’t cool him off at all!

(But it sure did entertain the baby!)

(video of all this mudding madness coming soon!)


One Response to “How does a redneck cool off in the summer?”

  1. Cindy said

    This is so awesome. Way to go SWR for keeping Daddy and Mommy busy enjoying the Wylde Life!

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