shooting blind…kind of.

June 3, 2011

Jared and I got another chance to practice with our bows a couple nights ago and after a I took a couple of embarrassing  shots right off the bat, Jared helped me make a few adjustments to my form, and wouldn’t ya know it, I started to shoot really good groups at 40 yards. He is a great coach!

Just when I was getting in the zone and really shooting good,  I pulled back for another shot at 40 and all of a sudden my sight randomly fell off! So note to self–make sure the screws securing your sight to your bow are nice and tight! That’s why we start practicing so early in the year, to make sure all these kinks are worked out in plenty of time to start getting some great shooting in before fall.

But man do I have annoying luck so far or what?! Last time the line thingy attached to my peep sight popped off, and this time my whole sight just fell off onto the ground–It’s a nice sight too, a TruGlo handed down to me when Jared splurged and bought himself a Summit HotDot F.O.X. Luckily I am married to MacGyver and it was fixed within a few seconds, after he was done showing off practicing of course.

Jared shot 2-inch groups the whole time, and then in case there was any doubt (and trust me, there wasn’t) as to who was better (I tell ya, everything is a competition between us!), he decided to take a couple bomb shots from 60 yards. You can’t even see the target in the picture because it’s so far away, but trust me he hit it!

So later on while he was fixing my sight, he decided to crank up the poundage and look everything else over so I can hopefully avoid any more mishaps. And now that my bow has been fully inspected and sighted in, and is ready to go, I have no excuses for shooting anything but dead-center.

That is as long as my bow holds itself together!


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