June 2, 2011

Sienna you turned 14-months-old on Memorial Day and I think the past month has been one of my most fun with you. I think your brain has been on overdrive all month long because you amaze us with how much you have learned, and how quickly you catch on to new words and phrases.

Your favorite word, and the only one you say really consistently, is “Dada” and I bet I hear that word at least 5,000 times a day. Every once in awhile you will also say “deer” when you point to the deer on the wall (i know, i know, I am sorry that you were pretty much born to be redneck…).

Your little voice is low and raspy, and by the end of the day it gets really hoarse from all the conversations you have with anyone and anything all day long.

Here’s a list of words that if we say them, you’ll go find them and bring them to us:

bottle, car, bball, bus, monkey, shoes, tooth brush, book, diaper, 

Here’s some of the things we say and you will point to:

duck, deer, horse, Mia, dad, mom, Bjorn, belly, nose, ears

Here’s some of the sounds you know how to make:

 horse, dog, cat, car, and truck

But the best is when we ask “What does daddy say?” and you make a huge farting noise with your mouth.

Things you can do when we ask you to:

“give me a kiss;” “do a dance;” “shut the door;” “put it away;”  “get your shoes;” and  “wave bye-bye”

You absolutely LOVE going outside and if you hear the word “go,” as in “Hey Jared watch Sienna for a second so I can go start dinner,” or “I’m going to go take out the trash,” you will run to the door, get your shoes, and bang on the door until someone takes you outside. 

You love the sound of your shoes walking on the gravel or the patio, and you do a little tap dance just to hear your shoes hit the ground. You love digging up rocks in the driveway and throwing them as far as you can, and ripping the heads off the dandelions. You could care less if you get dirty, and when you get going too fast and wipe out, you just hop up, wipe your hands on your shirt and keep running. I love your curious and adventurous spirit. 

You are pretty good at entertaining yourself, although you wont do any one activity for more than a couple minutes before you get bored and are on to something else. But the majority of the time, you want to be right by me, doing what I’m doing. Books still aren’t really your thing, although I am trying to force you into some “quiet time” every day where we sit and read. Except that you and sitting don’t usually get along. We don’t watch much TV, because you are just too busy of course to sit still and watch anything, but anytime you hear music, you stop whatever you are doing and dance.

When your dad gets home from work, you run around the house screaming like an insane person. I think the excitement is just too much for you to handle and it takes you quite awhile to calm down. I think it’s both his and your favorite part of the day.

We still have our fair share of challenges with you, like how angry you get when we tell you no to the point that last week you swung at me with a left hook, and then when I held your arms down, you lunged at me baring your teeth like you were determined to inflict bodily harm and you would use any part of your body to do it. I laughed so hard and then remembered that kind of behavior probably wont go over well in pre-school. You are one strong-willed child that’s for sure–but I am thankful that you keep me on my toes, if only because I feel bad for any boy that tries to mess with you down the road. 


Here you are this time last year as a little 2-month-old baby, and although you have changed and grown in too many ways to list, some things are still the same–like the smile on your face when you play with your dad, and the smile on his when he plays with you.


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  1. Roger said

    Very thoughtful 🙂

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