Kiss my bass!

May 31, 2011

After a long and busy day of Memorial Day festivities including a 2-mile run for Meg and a 3.5 hour kayak scouting trip for Jared, and an afternoon cookout with friends, we were invited to go out bass fishing with my two bro-in-laws, Sam and Steve. 

Jared repping Can Am during one of his first casts of the night.

Steve warned us that typically the only one who ever catches anything is Sam, and after the first couple hours it looked like Steve’s prediction was going to come true. Sam caught a couple bass and a walleye right away.

About 2 hours in, the guys decided to switch things up and do some crappie fishing. But they still didn’t have much luck, in spite of Sam’s best efforts.

About an hour later I think Jared started to get bored because out of nowhere, he randomly said my sunglasses were all dirty and hideous looking, grabbed them, and chucked them overboard. Jared, Steve, and Sam found it hilarious. And I am looking forward to receiving a new pair of sunglasses in the very near future.

But to avoid anything (or anyone) else getting chucked into the lake, it was time to head back to Sam’s favorite hot spot for another round of bass fishing. And man the fish started to bite! Jared immediately caught a nice bass.

And then about 10 minutes later caught another one–the biggest bass he’d ever caught. After catching two bass so close together, Jared said he was “officially hooked” on bass fishing. Pun intended? I don’t know, but I do know there were several minutes of “nice bass” jokes before the night was over.

Sam then caught a nice Northern, capping off his trifecta of coveted fish.

And Steve, who kept pointing out fish to the other guys, wasn’t able to reel anything in for himself. Next time I have a feeling he wont be so nice! But he might want to think about becoming a fishing guide.

I don’t have a license yet this year, so I was just there to have a good time out on the lake. And occasionally bait Jared’s hook for him, depending on what he was fishing for. Because Jared and leeches do not get along. Kind of like Jared and spiders. Hey, even the toughest of hunters has his weaknesses! 

We had a blast, caught a lot of fish, and the guys even showed me a new way to go to the bathroom without ever getting off the boat! It was a great time had by all (well, except for my poor sunglasses now floating out in the lake somewhere)!

RIP, Cheap Walmart sunglasses

But the best part for me was just enjoying the view.


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