Happy Memorial Day!

May 30, 2011

I hope that today everyone takes at least a minute or two to think about how different life would be without people like my Grandpa Dale and my dad and all of the men and women in the military who have served and protected our country. Thanks to them and their sacrifices, we get to work hard in the jobs we choose, spend our time with the people we choose to be with, worship in the churches we choose to attend, raise our kids how we choose to raise them, and spend our time doing whatever brings us joy in life.

We get to explore our state and enjoy awesome views like this:

And we get to watch our kids play, knowing that the future holds so many incredible opportunities for them, even though right now they prefer eating rocks like these two:

And we get to work hard but play even harder:

Considering everything going on in other parts of our country and world, I hope those of you who feel as fortunate and blessed today as I do find a way to say “thank you” to someone who helped make it possible. 

And remember today when you’re eating your 3rd burger at a barbecue, or enjoying a cold drink at a baseball game, or chasing your kids at the park, that it’s because of someone like this.


One Response to “Happy Memorial Day!”

  1. Roger said

    Hi Meghann,
    What a terrific May 30 posting. On behalf of all active military service members and veterans, I tell you without hesitation, thoughts like yours do mean a lot.

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