Bow huntin’ mama

May 25, 2011

Last night I took my bow out to shoot for the first time in two years! Two years ago my bro-in-law gave me one of his old bows because I really wanted to try bow hunting but didn’t want to spend tons of cash on a brand spankin’ new bow until I knew whether or not I liked it. I went out a couple times that fall and even though I never saw a shooter (that’s public hunting for ya!), I decided I was addicted. 

Then I got pregnant. I managed to get out a couple times while pregnant (you know you’re hard core when you are willing to strap a 65 pound ground blind on your back and lug it out to the woods while 5 months pregnant!), but still didn’t see any shooters. Then baby came and last year Jared’s job took us out of town for the entire 4 weeks of bow hunting in our area. Bummer. 

So. This year I am DETERMINED to get out as many times as it takes to get my big deer. And since I hadn’t really shot in 2 years I figured I am going to need all the practice I can get. Starting yesterday.

Right off the bat I was surprised at how good a group I actually shot. My first shot was high and right, but I think I just needed to get the kinks out because the next two were right on.

Unfortunately, on my very first shot I made a classic rookie mistake…and walked away with the little battle wound to prove it! But I can guarantee I won’t lock out my elbow ever again because getting snapped on the inside of the arm by those bowstrings does NOT feel good! 

At least Jared gave me some sympathy. By laughing at me. And kindly suggesting that perhaps next time I should slightly bend my elbow to keep my arm out of the way. And then laughing some more. 

In my second round, the first two shots were right on, and then on the 3rd shot, the rubber line thingy connected to my peep sight snapped apart (hey, it was a free bow and I’m all about making due with what I get for free!) so the 3rd shot was high again.

After Coach Jared made a quick adjustment, my next 2 shots were right on again. 

I shot a few more times, all pretty decent groups, before Miss Sienna decided she’d had enough of sitting on the sidelines and was ready to get in on the action too!

Considering how rusty I was, I was pretty excited! And I guess I can’t give Jared a hard time anymore for thinking about hunting so early in the year considering since he was really tired I practically  dragged him out to shoot! But hey I could’ve asked for worse things…

…like watching a chick flick or something.


2 Responses to “Bow huntin’ mama”

  1. G said

    Your one tuff women. Gettin down and dirty & never ending a Wylde Life session without a battle wound….You go girl!

  2. Michael said

    For a proper chick flick I will need a video posted.

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