In the off-season…Lewis and Clark style

May 23, 2011

If you ever wondered what machetes, saws, and hatchets have to do with duck hunting, Jared and his friend and fellow lumberjack Nick are about to show you!

On Saturday, Jared and Nick took their wives along for a little kayak trip down the creek that winds through the marshes and woods where we have had some great duck and goose hunting (although after the 20th time one of them mentioned how peaceful and relaxing these kayak trips normally are without all the talking, I started to wonder if they had slightly regretted taking us along). 

Anyway, when we got there, Jared immediately launched his kayak and was long-gone while I was still trying to figure out how to adjust the back rest in my kayak and slide it into the water without thrashing all over the place looking like an idiot. I had no idea why he took off so fast, but after a few minutes of paddling we caught up to him and saw this. 

Hmmm it appears my strapping husband had decided that the creek needs a little maintenance before duck season! So while Jenny and I leisurely kayaked behind our men, talking about important matters such as rumors claiming that we were about 3 hours away from witnessing the end of the world or wondering what women whose husbands aren’t crazy do for fun, the guys hacked and sawed their way through brush and sticks, blazing a trail for us so that nobody would have to get out and portage. Because Nick made it very clear that he would kayak upstream 30 miles ALL THE WAY back to the truck before he would get out and drag his kayak over any obstacles in our path. 

Well. Not long into our voyage, we came upon this log. A downed-tree, really. And what happened in the next 15 minutes can only be described as a display of sheer manliness.

The guys channeled their inner-lumberjacks while Jenny and I sat back and supervised their work, providing key advice at strategic points in their operation. I don’t think they could hear us. 

Good job guys! Wanna pose for a picture and flex your muscles? No? OK well carry on then!

Pretty soon, the log just couldn’t withstand Jared and Nick and we were able to sail through. Here’s what we left behind.

A little further down the creek we came across a huge beaver lodge and dam (insert all kinds of “dam jokes” here) and had to stop and take a picture.

At this point I recall Jared commenting that this area of the creek and marsh was one of his favorite places ever. To which I responded, “Awww how sweet and romantic.” To which Jared responded, “Aaaand you just ruined it.”  And then we continued on our expedition, Jared and Nick whipping out their saws and machetes and hatchets at every opportunity, until every little twig and branch were cleared out.

Besides clearing the creek, we also did a lot of scouting, observing where the ducks and geese where flying, and even following a nice deer trail that will definitely be a great place for bow hunting this fall. I think I even heard one of the guys say, “We should come back here this week with our weed wackers and really clear this trail.” Lewis and Clark would be so proud. 

As we made our way into wider parts of the creek, the guys had less brush to clear, and Jared did what he does best–harass me! He did not like that I was in front of him so he did what every loving husband would do–ram into my kayak as fast as he could and spin me out like we were racing in the Daytona 500. How come we can’t just leisurely kayak side-by-side enjoying each other’s company like Nick and Jenny? 

All-in-all our expedition lasted about 4 hours and we all agreed it was one of the best times we’d had in awhile! While the guys would consider it a productive trip that will make getting around the marsh during duck season a whole lot easier, the girls enjoyed the whole experience, getting a little break from mom duties, and of course doing a little exploration of our own!



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