unexpected upgrade

May 20, 2011

So remember a couple weeks ago when Jared smoked a rock while drag racing my 450R? At 75 miles per hour? And we thought all we’d have to deal with was a couple dented rims? 

Well. Because nothing is ever as simple as it seems, it turns out the whole rear axle was messed up. SWEET! So, the bad news is we had to buy a new axle. And the good news is we had to buy a new axle. But of course Jared wouldn’t get just any old axle. Oh no, he went for a Lonestar Racing Axcalibar Racing Axle.

Jared had wanted to upgrade to a performance axle at some point anyway, it’s just that “some point” came a little sooner than we had planned. So a  few hundred bucks later, and now the 450R has a new rear axle!

Jared started out by putting a couple of wheel spacers on the front tires to widen those out too.

And here he is getting ready to remove the old rear axle. 

Here’s the new rear axle.

And a side-by-side of a 450R with stock axles (on the left) and our 450R on the right with the Axcalibar.

Jared was pumped about the new axle, its performance, and its look. I’m just excited it came with a lifetime warranty…just in case another rock happens to “come out of nowhere” again anytime soon!


2 Responses to “unexpected upgrade”

  1. Michele said

    Oh Meghann….I somehow get the feeling that you should check into a lifetime warranty on that crazy husband of yours!! LOL

  2. Meg R. said

    hahaha Michele! I definitely should! maybe me and you should invent husband warranties for all of us wives with crazy men!

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