He’s got skills

May 18, 2011

Yesterday Jared decided that the Renegade, what with its ridiculous amount of horsepower and all, needed to start pulling its weight around here. Instead of going and buying a ball and hitch for it so it can pull a trailer around, Jared decided to make a hitch himself.

He bought the ball, measured everything up, cut out the pieces of metal from scrap metal he already had, and then welded it all together by hand. After drilling a couple holes, it was time to attach his new hitch to the wheeler.

Then of course he wanted to test it out, so he decided to find something  really big and heavy to pull with the new hitch. That’s when I heard, “Hey Meg, can you and Sienna come out here and help me for a second?”

Ta Da!

But (thankfully) Sienna and I weren’t exactly heavy enough to test his work. So after a quick ride around the house for Sienna, he replaced us with a much bigger load–a bunch of pallets from our old paintball field. 

I’d say his welding job was a success! 

(And–BONUS!!–I don’t have to spend the rest of my life getting harassed for being the one who broke his hitch! Hooray!)


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