in the off-season…

May 4, 2011

…Jared spends a lot of time scouting. A ridiculous amount, actually. As in, “I know I was just in the marsh for 4 hours yesterday but today we’re going to check the creek so I’ll see you in 6 hours!” kind of time. Because we hunt public land, along with all the other hunters in our area, he doesn’t like to hunt off the trails or  on ponds at the side of the road, because that’s where everyone else is.

So. He will literally kayak down Class 3 rapids for 3 hours in the freezing cold, pitch black, early morning hours if it means he’ll find some birds who have rarely or never been hunted. He will find the tiniest marsh on a map, in the middle of a 1,000 acre forest full of sink holes, and then find a way to get to it.

And just as he thought, it’ll be a jackpot full of big, mature ducks and geese who have never been hunted there before. Maybe that crazy drive to find the biggest birds around is why our house is starting to look like a bird museum with all the mounts on the walls…

Luckily I am just dumb enough to join in the fun and near-death experiences, because when you tag along with Jared, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll get some good shooting in. If you survive the journey to get there first!

So now that the water is finally opening up, this weekend it was time to put the kayaks in and get a little practice!



 And it sure was a great view! (The landscape I mean…Although the guy in camo looked pretty good too!)

Check back soon for some vids of our kayak adventure!


One Response to “in the off-season…”

  1. Grandma said

    Great stories and pictures!!!

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