April 30, 2011

Well, well, well, look who’s 13-months-old! 

You are in an incredibly fun but naughty stage right now, meaning you still just love doing things you know you aren’t supposed to do, like scale the stares like spider man or throw everything within reach into the toilet or dog’s water dish. But then when I come try to discipline you, you just smile in my face like “that’s all you got, mom???” and it is so hard not to laugh at all that sass and attitude. At least you don’t slap me anymore! 

At night you get extremely slap happy and your dad can get you laughing until you fall over. I just love watching the two of you play before bedtime. He is so proud of you and all the things you are learning, and the only time you EVER stand still for more than 15 seconds is when he is out in the yard working and you stand at the window watching him the whole time.

For some strange reason you still enjoy putting your hand down peoples’ shirts. It could be a complete stranger and you’ll do your little reverse swipe right down their shirt until you get to third base. Ha! 

You love playing outside so much, and now that you know what the word “shoe” is, I can’t say anything to do with “shoes” unless I plan on taking you outside. Because as soon as you hear the word “shoe,” you run to the door, find your shoes, and try to put them on while you bang on the door just like a dog wanting to be let out. This means I am officially a mom who has to start spelling out words now in order to stop you from understanding what we’re talking about.

You look like such a little person now, with your long hair and the way you run, not walk, around. You even throw your arms behind you when you want to go really fast–just like your dad, never going fast enough!


You are picking up on so many words now, and I can name tons of objects and you’ll go find them and bring them to me. Some of words you know are: B-ball, shoes, deer, nose, belly, and bottle.

You love playing with your basketball and cars. The dolls and stuffed animals, well, not-so-much. I will give you a couple “boy” toys right beside a couple “girl” toys, and you could care less about the dolls and always go straight for the ball or toy truck.

I actually love your little tomboy side, and combined with your strong-will and defiance, I think you’ll be a force to be reckoned with in your teen years. And I can only hope you’ll apply it to the boys and not your parents! 

You are so curious about everything, always pointing at everything you see. 

In the past month you went fishing for the first time, and I was slightly worried that you were going to reach into the bucket of fish and just take a huge bite out of one.

We also took you to a swimming pool for your cousin Megan’s birthday and you loved splashing and going down the big slide! You are a child with no fear, that’s for sure!

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the past month:




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