Wherein the world’s most redneck statement is written

April 18, 2011

We are growing from a family of 3 to a family of 5.

And NO I am not pregnant, nor do I plan to be anytime soon. Sorry for the misleading intro! But twins would be a fun announcement. Maybe. Or maybe I should just focus on the one insane child I have right now, who just launched herself off the couch, grunting and laughing maniacally, and is now running into the couch and slamming her face against the cushions over and over. Lady-like, proper, reserved, and calm are a few words I am quite sure I will never use in reference to that highly-entertaining but slightly scary child of mine. 

Anyway. Back to the two new additions to our family. The reason my husband and his friends have been in the garage non-stop for the past several days. The reason I’ve been party to discussions about “carbs” and torque, jets and exhausts, more power and top-end speed, and all kinds of other terms that I pretend I understand. The reason the yard around our house has magically transformed into a dirt track and the reason why my husband has announced plans to begin another life-endangering construction project otherwise known as building a jump over the paintball tower in the back pasture.

Behold, the new fourwheelers.

Hers: A Honda 450r

His: a CanAm Renegade 800


And for the record, it only took about 2.8 minutes after we brought the honda home before Jared was online buying after-market parts for it because a machine that already goes upwards of 75 miles per hour is just not quite fast enough.

In order to make room in the garage for the new toys, we had to sell our old wheeler–the Honda Rubicon. I must admit, I was sad to see old Ruby go. It was because of Ruby that I ever got to know Jared in the first place, since he lured me to his house for the first time with an invitation to go 4-wheeling. I had so much fun that I had to come back for more, and that 4-wheeler played a huge part in those first exciting weeks of our relationship.

And that is probably the world’s most rednecky thing ever said.

But I knew from the moment Jared and I took our first ride together that I was beginning the craziest ride of my life. And it sure hasn’t slowed down since.

Thanks for all the fun times, Ruby! 




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