Before we knew your name

March 5, 2011

I can’t imagine that one year ago today we didn’t even know you yet. This time last year you were the impossibly active baby in my stomach who we kind of thought was going to be a boy. You kept me up all night long with your punching and kicking, and because of you, every time I went to the bathroom it sounded like a 4th of July fireworks show had spontaneously combusted all at once. 

The doctor estimated that because of your “good size,” you would be born early. We still didn’t have your crib or anything set up, and we hadn’t even made a visit to the hospital in which you would be born. And, as is still the case today, getting good pictures of you on the ultrasound was very difficult because you were in constant motion. But we did manage to get this one of your chubby little fist, which I am pretty sure you were waving at me as if to say “…don’t you even TRY to make me go to sleep woman…”


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