March 1, 2011

Wow. Although I’ve never used it in a sentence ever before in my life, I think the only way to describe how I feel about the fact that you are 11-months-old and almost a ONE-YEAR-OLD is completely and utterly flabbergasted. 

In the last 11 months, we’ve had our ups and downs, from the many days and nights when you just simply refused to go to sleep, to watching you take those first, wobbly, run-steps into your dad’s arms. We laughed at the confused look on your face the first time we stuffed a spoonful of disgusting rice cereal into your mouth, and most recently have marveled at the speed with which you can pack away little chubby handfuls of “big kid food” into your mouth. You’ve amazed us with your strong will, which I know I will consider one of your best attributes when you grow up and have the strength, confidence, and self-esteem to stand up for yourself in ways that I only wish I could. And in the most unintentional and unexpected blessing, in a moment  when I let some of my own insecurities get in the way of the best thing that’s ever happened to me, you literally saved us. 

And for that, I’ll forgive you for jamming your foot into a steaming, poop-filled diaper this morning, and then thrashing about like a 17-foot great white shark, smearing your own crap all over the carpet. Which I just shampooed last week. 

This past month you have gone from a crawler/sometimes-walker to a walker/almost-never-crawler.

You also learned how to play peak-a-boo with yourself and anytime there’s a blanket on the floor, you pick it up, throw it over your head, and then 3 seconds later yank it off and laugh hysterically. 

Thanks to an opportunity we’ve recently had to babysit one of your cousins a couple days a week, you are learning how to interact with other kids, and so far you’ve only managed to get yourself smacked in the face once. Which I think is impressive considering your love of tackling other kids. I’m working on that, and discipline in general. 

You also survived an entire week away from us while we went on vacation. I came home to you almost sleeping through the night, and I can almost see in my future the joy of once again getting more than 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

You are extremely expressive–easy to smile and laugh, just as easy to protest and yell. We spend a little time each day attempting to read and look at books, but you really have no interest in it. That “quiet time” always ends with you picking up your books and throwing them or hitting them against the walls and floor. But I love how physical your personality is, how loud and destructive you are. How determined you are to climb up onto the couch (the only surface that is just a little too high for you to climb up on), and how when you can’t pull yourself up on your own, you’ll drag a pillow or toy over to the front of the couch and use it as a step ladder.

You are a fun little person and have truly enriched our lives ever since the day you were born. And my days with you just keep getting better as you learn and grow and reveal more and more of that wild personality which, of course, you inherited from your father.

Some of my favorite pictures from the past month:


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