a list

February 10, 2011

1. Apparently, according to my beloved and oh-so-kind husband, the only thing more annoying than preparing and filing one’s taxes is preparing and filing one’s taxes while one’s wife “obnoxiously” chomps on tortilla chips. Hmm. I’ll make sure to suggest an alternative opinion regarding annoying habits next time my beloved decides to “farmer blow” his nose in bed, launching unidentifiable substances from his nostrils, all the way to the wall opposite our bed. 

2. My lovely baby girl has determined that throwing things is fun in direct proportion to the cost of the object thrown. The more expensive, the more fun. Wii remotes are especially fun, as are Ipods and cell phones. But a ball? A ball designed for throwing? Yawwwwwwn. 

3. It is a balmy -18 degrees outside at this very moment. Which makes the fact that we are leaving for an undisclosed tropical location in 2 days absolutely elating, thrilling, and beyond exciting. 

4. 4 months ago my baby was just figuring out how to pull herself up on furniture. She was 6 months old. This is then:

5. And this is today:

All the same cuteness plus a million times the energy and capacity for destruction.

6. Lastly, the baby would like to add a brief note to close this post:

“Dad. While I appreciate your commitment to keeping my eyes bang-free, and your willingness to assist in that objective, may I use this platform to suggest that you listen to mom when she says ‘Maybe you should wait to cut her bangs until she is asleep.’ 

Perhaps next time we can avoid giving me bangs that are strikingly similar to those of Pee Wee Herman. Thank you kindly. 

Sincerely, Miss Herman.”

7. As evidenced by the above post, my baby is very articulate for her age. Adios for now!  


One Response to “a list”

  1. Cindy said

    Oh…our poor baby…hugs from grandma L. kiss the boo boo for me..

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