10-month-old tornado

January 30, 2011

Hey what a surprise, you have a lot of energy! Who knew? Well between your 9-month birthday and your 10-month birthday, you learned how to stand all by yourself without holding on to anything, and within a couple weeks, you were taking your first steps!  Now you have pretty much given up on crawling. You’ll run across a room 5 steps at a time, each little stretch ending in a face plant. But you pop right back up and run a few more steps, repeating the “run-faceplant-run” technique until you reach your final destination. 

You also LOVE climbing. The higher the better. The more awkward and ridiculous and dangerous the better. But it is so cute hearing you pant and huff and puff and grunt until you get where you want.

You are very curious and mischevious. You never sit still, and you never stay in one spot for long. You aren’t interested in the TV or any one toy in particular. Instead, you’d rather explore the whole house and for this reason, I am considering buying a small cow bell and attaching it to you so that I can hear you at all times. 

You have 5 teeth (3 on top, 2 on bottom) and wear size 12 months, with a few 18 months thrown in.

You also figured out how to clap and you proudly clap and celebrate everything you do. You also clap when you get excited by the sound of the dog walking toward you or when you hear your dad come in the house.

Things you love to do: throw your toys, climbing on anything–the dog, the jeep, the couch, the stairs. Destroying piles. Opening doors and thrashing around with everything inside them. Chewing. Licking. Biting. Hoarding toys and any other objects you get your fingers on inside your jeep or under the couch. 

Some of my favorite pictures from the past month



One Response to “10-month-old tornado”

  1. Cindy said

    Very cute –
    Can’t wait to see you Miss Sienna..not long now!

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