Starting the New Year with a bang!

January 2, 2011

So today, out of nowhere, the baby’s top 2 teeth showed up! Like “Hey everyone, I guess I wanted to make sure 2011 got off to a really rotten start for your baby!” She seems to be handling it okay though, and hasn’t been overly fussy aside from a constant need to be held, except the only person she wants holding her is me. All the time. 

But on the plus side, Miss Wylde figured out how to stand all by herself! Which means I am spending all my time staying close behind her until she gets herself a bit more under control. Because I heard wood floors plus unstable baby plus two front teeth is a horrible equation for her face.

And I’d like her new teeth to at least come in completely before she chips one of them in a tumble, in which case we’d have to start calling her Bobbie Joe again.


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