Christmas with a baby in 1 word is…

January 2, 2011


Pure, hyper, crazy, chaos. Like, all-my-photos-are-blurry-because-of-the-overstimulated-baby chaos.

We actually had 4 christmases this year. One at my mom’s on Christmas Eve-Eve (complete with snowboarding through 3 feet of snow), one with all my cousins and relatives on Christmas Eve, one with my dad and all the Olson’s (including a surprise visit from Santa!), and one with my In-Laws.  

In total:

2: the number of times our daughter played Baby Jesus, only I don’t think Baby Jesus ever tried to bite the shepherds and wise men.

14,592: the number of times I yanked her away from a Christmas tree and ripped fistfulls of pine needles and the occasional ornamental ball out of her hands.

27: the estimated number of pieces of wrapping paper she consumed.

0: the number of presents she actually played with after opening them (again, the wrapping paper).

13: the amount, in pounds, of turkey I ate in 4 days.

All-in-all, it was a great First Christmas as a family of 3, and I feel so fortunate that we have so many great friends and such wonderful family. Even if it takes 4 Christmases to celebrate with them all!  






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