“No way is she…” 9-months-old

December 30, 2010

Every time someone who has spent more than 5 minutes observing your beyond-energetic behavior asks how old you are, their first response after hearing my answer is always  “No way, she seems so much older than 9 months!”

Maybe it’s your ability to climb out of your car seat and hurdle yourself over the top of the booth at a restaurant, or your constant state of motion, or your tendency to try to keep up with the bigger kids. Whatever it is, we are already prepared should you continue this trend of being “mature for your age.” Just take a look in the gun closet….yeah I think 12 guns in one house should do it…

So here’s what the last month entailed for you!

You had your first plane ride with your dad (second plane ride with me) when the 3 of us went to Florida! I’d love to say that you also had your first beach vacation, but considering Florida decided to give us its coldest temps since 1985 (a guy bundled up in a parka, hat, and gloves told us that while the wind threatened to blow our car over at a gas station), we spent most of our time in the hotel while dad went to work. But you did get to see the ocean, if only once.

-You have mastered standing and walking along anything and everything and are quite the little go-getter. I might have to find a bell to attach to you, because you are getting really really good at sneaking away. 

-You experienced your First Christmas, although most of it was a bit over your head. It’s safe to say the wrapping paper was your highlight and I’m sure you swallowed more than what’s probably considered healthy.

-You say “babababa” all the time.

-When you want to play you go straight for your dad, and your face lights up when he walks in the room. But when you’re tired, cranky, or hungry, you come looking for me.  

-You are very coordinated with your left hand, and you usually use it instead of your right hand for grabbing things and picking things up.

-You love hoarding things under the couch and carrying “toys” (which are actually cell phones and remotes) onto the wood floors and then banging them as hard as you can. Which is fine when it’s one of our baby-proof bricks of a phone, but not so much when it’s somebody’s iPhone. Sorry Pete! 

-You are our little sidekick, always following us around no matter what we are doing. You aren’t the type to sit and play with toys–you NEED to be where we are, doing what we’re doing. 

-You are so much fun to have around, especially at night when you get really slap happy and anything we do makes you laugh. You’ve got so much spunk and personality that sometimes it seems to overwhelm your little body and all of a sudden you are hurtling yourself around like a Tasmanian Devil. But we love every thing about you and can’t wait to hear you talk and finally figure out what’s going through your brain. 

Some of my favorite pictures from the past month


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