What every almost-8-month-old baby girl needs:

December 1, 2010

First a few important points about the baby’s newest toy which is simultaneously also her dad’s most recent impulse buy: 

1. We got suckered in by the vile temptress that is Black Friday and bought a Jeep that goes 2 miles per hour for our daughter even though she is not even 8 months old yet. 

2. Her dad specifically picked out the jeep that wasn’t pink. No gender stereotypes in this house. 

3. It was supposed to be a Christmas present for her to unwrap but her dad was too excited to wait until Christmas (what a surprise).

Something tells me this wont be the last time these two work on a 4-wheel drive together.



Out-runnin’ the cops?


Of course she wouldn’t be her daddy’s daughter if she didn’t know how to pull a wheelie!


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