what a difference a day makes

November 15, 2010

Here is Miss Independent looking out the bay window on Friday, a beautiful, sunny fall day, watching the dog chase the barn cats around the yard and up various trees.

And here she is on Saturday afternoon, looking out the same bay window.

Except for instead of watching the animals frolicking on a beautiful fall day, she is mesmerized that we were somehow transported from the Midwest to Antartica.

Um, if this is some kind of joke, it’s not funny mom. 

I’d like to be excited and sentimental about her first snow fall, but I’m  too busy with the added workload that an unexpected snow fall brings to a horse farm. It’s hard to appreciate the pristine, snow-covered trees when ice needs to be hacked and chipped out of water buckets and walkways, and wheelbarrels need to be shoved through 12 inches of sticky snow, and hay bales need to be lugged through a muddy and slippery combination of slush and snow-encased manure. 

But, slushy manure and frostbite and wind and mud and ice and slushy manure and sweating and mud aside, it sure looks purdy!


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