Note to self…

November 8, 2010

1. When traveling from Wisconsin to Indianapolis in one day for a friend’s wedding, it would be wise to factor in the 1-hour time difference prior to departing. 

2. I imagine there is nothing more annoying than being an Illinois Toll Booth worker (a toll taker?) and having a vehicle with the world’s most LOUD AND SQUEAKY AND SCREECHY breaks approach your toll booth. I apologize for deafening at least 6 of those poor toll takers. I’ve never received so many dirty looks in my life.

3. When reuniting with old college friends at a friend’s wedding, DON’T FORGET TO TAKE PICTURES! 

4. It’s never wise to turn on the lights and change clothes in the front seat of a vehicle that is parked in the FIRST ROW of a church parking lot…when people are exiting said church after a wedding and must walk right past said vehicle to get to their own vehicles. I apologize for my lapse in judgement and anyone who may have witnessed me mid-change. I didn’t mean to offend anyone. And certainly not on God’s Property.

5. Caffeine is a necessary component of driving all night from Indianapolis back to Wisconsin.

6. However, apparently drinking caffeine makes me have to pee every 30 minutes.

7. The Cenex at exit 110 is closed at 2 in the morning, however they have a nice big tree out back which makes for a good shield should you find yourself unable to “hold it” any longer. 

8. My daughter slept longer than she’s ever slept in one stretch–6 hours. Too bad I was too busy driving/drinking caffeine/peeing to enjoy it. 

9. After sleeping 6 hours in the car, my baby will be wide awake. And expect to be entertained no matter how tired everyone else is.

10. Grandparents who babysit so moms can sleep are wonderful.


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