a recent conversation

October 21, 2010

 The other night we were watching Dancing With The Stars (I’m on team Kurt by the way), and while I was mesmerized by the dancing! the costumes! the spray tans! every word coming out of Bruno’s mouth!, J was enamored with who was in the audience that night. And I saw a side of him I had never seen before in the ensuing conversation:

J: “Oh my gosh it’s Ian Ziering from the original 90210!!”

now. keep in mind this is coming from the guy who cares as much about pop culture as Lisa Turtle cared about Screech Powers: in other words, NOT AT ALL.

Me, slightly perplexed: “I had no idea you were such an Ian Ziering fan.”

well. I made the cardinal, but very common, mistake of pronouncing Mr. Ziering’s name as Ian as in “Ee-an.” And this was an offense that J just  could not ignore. It was like I had just accidentally referred to a wood duck as a mallard, because oh, I don’t know, DOES IT REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE?!?!? 

Apparently yes, yes it does make a difference, because with all the annoyance one could possibly exude, he corrected me. Abhored me. Admonished me.

J: “Ugh. It’s pronounced EYE-AN.”

There is no end to this man’s ability to surprise me.


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