she can’t get no…

October 20, 2010


So, learning how to crawl just prior to turning 6 months old wasn’t enough for this kid. She just got the crawling thing down, even if she crawls like a weird zombie, and you’d think she would be thrilled with herself for figuring out how to rush to the dog’s food dish and splash in the dog’s water bowl, or completely ignore her toys, opting instead to claw her way to the electrical cord attached to the vacuum cleaner. Oh no. None of that is good enough anymore. Now she wants to pull herself up on everything.


Does she realize she’s blowing through these milestones so fast that pretty soon there won’t be anything left? Like when you just can’t wait to turn 16 because then you can get your driver’s license, but then you want to turn 17 so you can stop sneaking in to Rated R movies, but then you just HAVE to turn 21 so going out at night doesn’t have the potential of putting you in jail.

Because she is so physically motivated, I’m worried that once she figures out how to walk, she’ll lose all enthusiasm and just wander around with no *safe* or normal way to satisfy her  need for mastering physical abilities.

Once she can walk, what is going to motivate her to get up in the morning? Learning how to wrestle steers to the ground? Mastering the art of tight rope walking? Becoming the first person ever to claw her way through the earth’s crust and pop out of her own man-made tunnel on the other side of the world somewhere in Asia?


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