The word “zombie” comes to mind…

October 19, 2010

anytime I sit on the floor and the baby starts hurdling herself toward me using some sort of disjointed walk/crawl hybrid where she uses one knee and one foot–the knee is for balance and the foot is for catapulting herself forward while the leg stick off to the side. 

Combine the creepy walk/crawl  with her runny nose and red eyes, slobber, and the excited wheezing, snorting, and gurgling she does as she’s lunging herself forward, and then she gets going a lot faster than what she can control and pretty soon she’s wheezing even more, limbs flailing as they furiously search for a hard surface with which to make contact,  snot dangling from her nose and chin, and she’s coming at you mumbling “aRRrgGGgghhh uggghhhhh, waaachhhhcaaaa grRRRrrrrllLLllgggggggrrrrr” and all I can think of is twinkies and “DOUBLE TAP!” (name that movie!)

Besides, I already know she is  flesh-eating



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