staying positive…

October 15, 2010

At least my teething baby waited until we got home from Colorado to also get a cold, which completely fused her nostrils shut, which made eating the most frustrating thing ever, which caused her to get fussy, which caused her to want to eat more, which caused her to get double-y frustrated because of said fused nostrils.

(Then repeat no less than 10 times a night.) 

When I first discovered the little tooth on Sunday, I thought “wow my kid is completely unphased by the teeth cutting through her baby gums, lucky me!”  We were waiting for my cousin’s wedding to start, and she went into one of her usual ravenous attacks of my shoulder and I noticed a little pinch when she bit down on me. Sure enough, when I pried her mouth open, there on her bottom gum was the little top corner of a little white tooth starting to push through. Of course her teeth had to pick THAT opportunity while we were in Colorado staying with family for a week to start cutting through her  gums, but thankfully, we made it through the rest of our trip without any inconsolable screaming.

Then we got home. And the nostrils, they got fused. The eating, it got frustrating. The baby, she got ornery. After a couple nights though, she’s starting to get back to her normal spunky self. 

Now if only I could just do something about the whole baby-teeth-chomping-down-on-me-while-nursing situation. Because nursing her is pretty much as pleasant as if she had  tied me down and repeatedly slammed an electric stapler against my boobs.

OH, and when you yank her face away and say “NO” in an effort to teach her that biting is unacceptable behavior, she just smiles and laughs in your face.


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