‘Round these parts…

October 5, 2010

It’s duck hunting season! 

The season opener was this past weekend and REASON #1 why this year was SO. MUCH. MORE. FUN. than last year was the fact that I’M NOT PREGNANT. If you recall, last year I was about 3 months pregnant on opening day and spent the ENTIRE time throwing up. 

And the year before that, I didn’t have a license so I just went along and watched. But this year I was morning-sick free, licensed, and ready to give duck hunting my best shot! 

And we bagged more ducks the first morning alone than I’d even seen while hunting in the last 2 years combined.


I shot 4 total, 2 of which I actually shot out of the air! Now, if you’ve never duck hunted before, you can’t really appreciate how difficult it is to hit these little buggers when their flying and I was pretty darn proud of myself. Ducks in the wild have the speed and agility of a fighter jet. And at times I feel like I have the reflexes of an arthritic tortoise. So in other words, I probably got really lucky! 

Of course my hunting “skills” don’t even come close to those of my husband, who is such an amazing shot it truly makes me wonder if those “work trips” he goes on are really some sort of mercenary missions.

(By the way, girls, if your husband hunts and you’ve never been interested in going along, I would *strongly* suggest you tag along at least once, even if you aren’t interested in actually hunting. Because seeing your man decked out in camo wielding a high-powered weapon, and hearing the CRACK of his gun firing followed immediately by the SPLASH of his target dropping into the water…well it does something to you. Something I wont talk about at 9 in the morning. But take it from me, give it a try. Your husband will thank you.)

Anyway, he really is a remarkable shot and I love the adrenaline rush I get when a flock of ducks comes in, and he tells me “don’t move!” and I sit as still as possible while my man works his duck call, luring the ducks within range, and when they get close enough he says “SHOOT!” and we pull our guns up and my heart stops. I pull the trigger and he pulls the trigger, and shell casings go flying, and whether the ducks fall or not, I know we’re having a blast together.

Here he is paddling out into our decoys to pick up one of the ducks I shot.

And look! Even the baby is dressed for hunting season!

Shall we just go ahead now and throw some Diet Coke in her bottle, give her a pack of Pall Malls to play with and change her name to Bobbie Jo??? 



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