Football’s newest fan

September 10, 2010

Showing our purple pride for the NFL season opener last night and rootin’ for our Vikes! 

I’d be lying if I said that winterizing and putting away our boat until next summer didn’t make me almost cry. I know it’s way over-dramatic, but I just love boating. I get as giddy as a kid at Christmas every time we pack up the boat and drive to the lake. It’s the one thing I could do every single day of my life and never get sick of it.  I love summer. I love spending the summer at the lake with friends and family abusing ourselves on a big tube. I love wakeboarding and watching first-timers get up for the first time. I. LOVE. IT. 

I don’t love 12 feet of snow. I don’t love below-freezing temperatures. I don’t love wind chill. I don’t love going out to my car in the morning only to discover it is literally a giant ice cube and all you have to use to scrape enough ice away so you can get inside and kind of see out the windshield is a little pencil.

That actually happened to me and my roommate in college. I think it was approximately -15 degrees outside and a raging snow storm was so violent that classes had been cancelled for 2 days. And we had the bright idea to order chinese take-out. Even though we had no car to go get it. And they weren’t delivering because DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE 18 INCHES OF SNOW WE GOT IN THE PAST 5 HOURS??

Well, in our young and wise 18-year-old minds, we decided to forget the blizzard and white-out conditions!! Forget that I couldn’t see my own hand in front of my face! The Sesame Chicken is waiting and it’s gettin’ cold!!!

So I flirted with a boy and he offered to let us take his car. In a blizzard. On ice roads. At night. For some measly cheap (but delicious!) chinese. Hey I don’t just flirt for nothing. 

So we bundled up and picked up his (I think his name was Justin) car keys and then wandered through the swirling, frigid snow until we were soaking wet and finally found his car after about 30 minutes of searching through the white-out conditions. Only it was encased in no less than 2 inches of ice. And considering we had no vehicle of our own, we were not equipped with the proper tools that help one clear the ice and snow from their vehicles. But we did have a No. 2 pencil (my roommate was pre-med and very studious. I had no such thing as pencils.)

By now, a logical, reasonable person probably would have given up and headed back to the warmth and safety of our cozy dorm room. BUT THE CHINESE!! It has very motivational properties. And I’ll be darned if we didn’t spend 2 HOURS scraping away at that car with that little pencil, until it and our fingers had whittled down to frost-bitten nubs. Then we spent another hour to slowly drive the 6 mile trip to the chinese restaurant, and another hour to slowly drive back. 

I’m not sure anyone has ever embarked on a 4-hour, life-endangering journey all in the name of sketchy chinese food. But we did and Sesame Chicken has never tasted better.

Wow, tangent. Where was I? Oh yeah. I hate winter. But I do love football. It makes the next 6 months slightly more bearable. 






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