Same thing but less dangerous

September 8, 2010

After my walk of peril Friday night, J went out goose hunting again Saturday morning and had a similar near-drowning experience. He took the kayak out and within five minutes shot a goose–that had the audacity to fall into the woods. The woods of death, remember? So J had to get out of the kayak and go find his goose (our hunting dog doesn’t fit into the kayak so he was on his own to try to retrieve the goose.)

Well, he had only been walking in the woods for about 5 minutes before he took a step and the ground disappeared from underneath him, plunging him into a sink hole–a bottomless sink hole. Water filled his waders and even though he’s over 6 feet tall, he couldn’t touch bottom. Luckily he was able to pull himself out, but he was soaked along with his gun, cell phone, and clothes.

Needless to say, he had to come back home soaking wet and empty-handed and decided then and there that the woods are just not safe to walk. So we went that afternoon to buy me my own kayak so that I can go hunting without worrying that I might meet my maker in the bottom of some evil sink hole. And let me just say right now: I love him for it.

Instead of cursing and sweating and clumsily trudging through the world’s deadliest forest, I got to paddle my way through the woods and flooded marshes, and, even though I had never kayaked before and was certain I’d flip myself over and drown, it was actually really fun and relaxing and a lot easier than I thought. Except for the one time I got caught in the current and was stuck underneath a fallen tree for the longest 30 seconds of my life.

In fact, J was pretty surprised at how fast I could go–I heard him say more than once, “your kayak must be lighter than mine!” To which I lovingly responded, “Eat my dust grandma!”  And then almost tipped over because I am not capable of talking and paddling at the same time.

I am so glad I tried the kayak though  because it makes bird hunting so much more fun and allows me to get to places I’d never be able to see on foot. Like this:

And this:

And I can’t think of anyone I’d rather explore with than this guy:

Sitting out in the middle of nowhere, talking and laughing about falling into huge sink holes and nearly drowning and coming dangerously close to sinking his kayak, all in the name of going out hunting together, I was reminded again of what a perfect fit we are for each other. We really are two of a kind–a  slightly insane kind.

And I could’ve stayed out there with him forever.

But we kinda missed her:


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