he puts me in life-endangering situations. and I like it.

September 7, 2010

On Friday night I finally got to go out goose hunting with J. Here’s a quick summary of how it went:

Walk 2 miles by myself through a flooded, mucky, overgrown woods: check.

Fall into a sink hole, the bottom of which was about 1 foot of muck, and get stuck up to my waist for 10 terrifying minutes: check. 

Cross a creek that appeared to be just below chest-deep, only to get out in the middle of it and realize the bottom was about 2 feet of muck, therefore causing one to sink 2 more feet and send dirty, freezing river water over the top of my waders, drenching me and soaking everything I was carrying including my cell phone: CHECK CHECK CHECK. AND, for those of you who have never worn waders, trying to swim or float with water-filled waders is almost as impossible as trying to stay afloat with your feet stuck in two cinder blocks. Not safe and not in any way fun. 

FINALLY arrive at the hunting spot–which was supposed to be a dry patch in the middle of a marshy area, only to discover that the marsh was also flooded, and end up sitting in water up to my chest: check.

Get my first goose of the year: CHECK! 

Convince my partner to let me ride double on his very small, single-person kayak on the way home instead of walk the walk of loathing and death again: check.

 Balance precariously on the front of a very slim kayak holding 2 people, 3 geese, 2 guns, and 2 boxes of ammo, lots of snacks, and 2 chairs, and pray that by some miracle we’d make it back to the boat launch without capsizing in the 12-foot deep creek: check.

Hear “keep your head down!” at least 15 times before I finally remembered to keep my head down (apparently my keeping my head up caused the branches and limbs of trees to snap back into my husband’s face and he didn’t like it): check.

Survive our expedition into the wilderness AND have an exciting and funny (after the fact) date night with my rugged outdoorsman of a husband and lots of delicious goose for supper: CHECK CHECK CHECK!


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