so close

September 6, 2010

I thought babies were supposed to be babies for at least a little while. But mine has decided to bypass that whole “snuggle me in a blanket” phase and has jumped right into the “didn’t I tell you not to make eye contact or heaven forbid talk to me when you pick me up from the mall? you are totally ruining my life MOM” phase. 

Here she is just the other day practicing getting up on all fours.

And here she is apparently practicing some form of baby yoga. I guess it’s never too early to work on core strength. She can hold this pose with all four limbs hanging in the air for a remarkably long time actually. It kind of makes me feel guilty about the donut I ate this morning. 

But this. I’m not sure what to call this. All I know is it scares me.

Has she been watching me do all those push-ups I do on a regular basis??? oh wait, I don’t do pushups on a regular basis. Well then, again, I have no explanation for this.

All I know is watching her hold herself up on her hands and toes like that for quite some time makes me tired. And apparently it tired her out too…



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