5-month-old fire ball

August 30, 2010

Wylde Thing is 5 months old today! 

Once again, you have changed so much in the past month and your determination and physical strength amaze us every day. We are counting down the days until you are wreaking havoc all over the house, and we know movement and your independence is just around the counter. Here’s just a few of the ways you have impressed us this past month:

On Aug. 19 you almost crawled! You have totally mastered holding your upper body up on your hands. And you can also get your knees up under you. But doing both at the same time is a little tough, so instead, you push up onto your hands, and then propel yourself around with your feet. It looks like a seal flopping around on a beach–but the cutest seal ever!

On Aug. 21 you had your first encounter with a spoon and rice cereal. You weren’t too thrilled about it.

On Aug. 24 you figured out how to sit on your own and prop yourself up with your hands. You’re content to sit and play with toys for a long time and when you start to lose your balance, you catch yourself with one of your hands and regain your balance.

In the last week or so, we have figured out that when you’re tired, you do NOT want to be held. You would much rather be laid down in your crib with your paci and blanky, kick around for a little bit, and fall asleep on your own. Naps are becoming more consistent and I love you for it!

Funny things other people have told me about you, or things I’ve overheard people say about you in the past month:

“That kid is filled with piss and vinegar!”–which is probably my favorite and so very true. Like father like daughter.

“Did that fart just come out of that baby?” (my second favorite…this one happened at my Grandpa’s 80th birthday party. My cousin was holding the baby and just as one of my grandpa’s old buddies happened to be walking by, the baby ripped a loud one. The old guy couldn’t help but crack up! Farting babies and old guys giggling all at once equals a very successful party as far as I’m concerned.)

“She is such a talker!” (What? I can’t hear you over that loud baby that has confused the act of talking with constant screaming.)

“Is she always so loud and active?” –to which I responded “HA! silly question.”

“He’s (yes, someone thought you were a boy!) got a very athletic build, what with those broad shoulders and long limbs!” 

“what a nice head shape”

“oh my, my, my what a temper you have!”

We are loving your strong, big, bold, and at times defiant, personality. You are very sure of what you want and not afraid to let us know about it, very determined, and very comfortable in new situations. You let anyone and everyone hold you, and new people and places don’t phase you one bit. Nothing about you is soft or gentle–You do everything “aggressively,” whether it’s constantly slamming your toys and limbs into the floor, repeatedly bashing your face against my chest when you’re ready to eat, or forcefully ripping your paci out of your mouth. 

I lose count of the number of times each day when your dad and I look at each other, shake our heads, and say “We’ve got our hands full.”  And we can’t wait to see how many ways that will come true as you continue to grow and change!

Some of my favorite pictures from the past month:



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