sleepy observations

August 12, 2010

So the wylde girl slept great last night–if by sleep you mean practicing Kung-Fu ALL night and my chest, stomach, thighs, and head just so happened to be her punching bags. I don’t know what was going on with her but I think either she was battling Jackie Chan  in one long dream that ended with them joining forces and teaming up against my face.

Or my breast milk somehow got laced with crack. I might do some further investigating on Option 2.

On another note, her last 4 dirty diapers have inexplicably smelled like buttery movie theater popcorn. Although odd, it is a nice change of pace from the norm. But I don’t like that changing her dirty diapers makes me crave snacks though, because that’s just weird. Poop’s not supposed to be appetizing.

Then this morning, her wet diaper–no poo involved–had the same distinct smell. Perhaps that crack I unknowingly ingested was hidden in some popcorn that I ate recently? But I don’t remember eating any popcorn recently…

I don’t know what’s going on around here anymore. But now I’m hungry.


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