high school: a preview

August 3, 2010

On the 30th of each month, I take a picture of the baby next to this stuffed bunny, to document how she’s growing month by month. Cute, huh? Anyway. Since my kid has the energy of a small tornado–in that she does NOT sit still ever and is OBSESSED with moving to anywhere but where I want her, and puts EVERYTHING within arms reach into her mouth–this little tradition is getting more and more difficult.

EXHIBIT A: I present to you a sampling of the 4-month old photo shoot

It started off ok–she’s smiling, playful, and sweet (if I do say so myself…)

But things quickly got out of hand.

“my you look tasty…”

ahh! when babies attack!

“get in my belly, bunny!”


At this point, I had to step in and rescue the bunny from what would’ve been death by baby. So I separated them and tried again. Again, she starts off looking cute and sweet. 

But don’t be fooled…she’s a devious one, this baby.

“Why hello, lover…”

“you can run bunny, but you can’t hide!”

wait a minute…

Flash forward to 16 years from now, and replace the bunny with a boyfriend… 

“Oh, uh, hi mom!  We were just, uh, doing our homework!”

“He’s just a friend, really, I swear!”

And dad’s everywhere just loaded their shotguns…

ok, let’s stop thinking about those inevitable boys of the future. She’s just 4 months old.

And thankfully, at least for now, her life is all about attacking bunnies, throwing toys, squawking, trying to crawl, and eating her perfectly chubby  fingers and toes.





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