Feisty 4-months-old

July 30, 2010

Today our little Wylde thing is 4 months old. But by the way she is so determined to move and interacts with people and the world around her, sometimes I think she is actually a 2-year old trapped in a 4-month old body.

In the past month you:

went boating with us for the first time and loved it!

swam in the lake with me

rolled for the first time–on July 8

tried to crawl but you aren’t coordinated enough to hold yourself up on hands and knees…so instead of crawling you figured out how to “scoot” your way around the room, out of your swing, out of your car seat, and basically anywhere else that I don’t want you to go. 

figured out how to squeeze your toys and throw them across the room. The same skill can also be applied to defiantly yanking your paci out of your mouth and throwing it as if that will somehow convince me to allow you to stay awake all night

decided that the only voice that should be heard is YOURS and you talk over every body all the time. If nobody is near you, you talk to yourself anyway. 

FINALLY started getting decent sleep. But  now that I put that out there, I’m sure I cursed myself and you’ll go back to getting approximately 6 hours of sleep all day every day.

But you still fight sleep–you falling asleep sounds like a dying animal moaning, groaning, grunting, and clinging to the last few drops of energy left in your body as you slowly succumb to sleep. I call it “singing yourself to sleep”

Wear size 2 diapers, although they’re getting a bit snug, and 3-6 months clothes

Changes in your personality:

We started describing you as “aggressive” on account of your tendency to maul anything that comes near your mouth; your physical strength; your talking which can even be heard from outside in the driveway; your protests in the form of angry screaming until you get your way; the game where you slam your feet against anything near by you–even if that just so happens to be my face.

You are incredibly strong-willed and determined to move. You don’t like being held and cuddled. You would much rather be sitting and standing and your favorite game is pulling yourself up from flat on your back to sitting to standing.

You smile and laugh easily and sometimes feeding you takes forever because you are too distracted by cracking yourself up

Some of my favorite pics from the past month


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