i’m not the only one afterall

July 27, 2010

all my life I have HATED wearing socks. They make me feel confined. They get sweaty. They smell. They reveal how dirty the floors are. I don’t like it.

It’s some sort of freaky fettish…or phobia?….or obsession? I’m not sure, but I don’t wear them in the house. I only wear them when I ride horse or when it’s a million below zero outside, and even then, I have to borrow someone else’s. And in my weird mind, borrowing someone else’s socks every once in awhile is less disturbing than getting some for myself to wear around…maybe i will address my mental wierdness someday…. 

My bare feet and I enjoyed a wonderful co-existence until my husband came along. And demanded that I wear socks in the house! Told me that he’d kick me out if I walked around bare footed! Told me I was the perfect woman except for my gross feet! The nerve! 

OH, I forgot to mention that I do have the world’s most persistent, stubborn, determined case of planter’s warts.

But that’s beside the point.


And apparently his hatred of my wart-covered bare feet walking around his floors, and standing in his shower, and threatening to spread from my feet to his trumps my hatred for covering my feet in a pair of socks. Some people can be so selfish! 

Anyway. I put a pair of flip flops on the baby for the first time yesterday to see what she’d think of having that thing between her toes. And sadly, it looked like she inherited my weirdness…see for yourself!

“hmmm…this feels weird….”

“yeah something is very different here…”

“let’s take a closer look”

“there’s something strapped onto me! ahh! there must be a way to get rid of it.”

(*on a side note–check out how limber she is! i’ll take the credit for that thankyouverymuch…)

“ok i’m almost free…but this other side is really stubborn!”

“maybe if i kick hard enough…”

“this is just not cool. how about you put the camera down and help me here mom!”



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