caught in the act

July 17, 2010

one of the best things about being fortunate enough to stay home with my little wylde one is getting to witness the world through her eyes as she sees things and attempts to navigate them for the first time.

Moving has always been her thing–when I was pregnant, it was 24-hours of kicking, punching, and doing the monkey bars on my ribs. People thought I was exaggerating until she came out and within 5 seconds of being placed on my chest, was moving her head around the delivery room trying to see the doctors and nurses. She still kicks and punches in her sleep and wiggles pretty much all day long.

But now, her movements are controlled. They are intentional. They are calculated. 2 weeks ago she rolled for the first time and realized that she doesn’t have to stay put anymore.

Ever since then, her goal in life is to be anywhere but where I want her to be. 

This posed a problem today when I sat her down in her car seat in order to go move the laundry from the washer to the dryer. Because when I walked back in to get her about 10 seconds later, this is what I witnessed…

She had scooted herself so that only her shoulders and head were still in the car seat! She was quite proud of herself and her ability to escape the seat and defy me.

But the jokes on her…say hello to straps, buckles and harnesses baby!  

Also please note in the first picture, the pacifier on the floor in the far bottom left corner….that was in her mouth when I left her.


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